# Protocols and attributes

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# Supported protocols

Signicat Express supports OIDC and REST API for MitID. For more information about how to integrate with Signicat Express using OIDC or the REST API, see this page.

# Configuring the LoA

The LoA to be used for MitID can be configured at the account level. This only applies if you're using OIDC.

  1. Log in to the dashboard (production (opens new window) or test (opens new window)).
  2. Go to Tools > Setting Sets. Find the row for MitID and click Edit. Then, click Defaults > Edit.
  3. In Assurance Level, choose which LoA you want.
  4. Click Save.

# OIDC response

This an OIDC response example of returned user information for MitID:

  "sub": "79379634-251c-4f3e-a47d-526235822b91",
  "mitid.uuid": "79379634-251c-4f3e-a47d-526235822b91",
  "name": "Stig Hansen",
  "given_name": "Stig",
  "family_name": "Hansen",
  "birthdate": "1929-11-09",
  "mitid.age": 90,
  "mitid.address": "Strandvejen 64 3 TH",
  "mitid.identityname": "Stig7111",
  "signicat.national_id": "0911291673",
  "mitid.cpr": "0911291673",
  "mitid.fal": "HIGH",
  "mitid.ial": "SUBSTANTIAL",
  "mitid.aal": "LOW",
  "mitid.loa": "LOW"

# Attributes in the response

You use MitID to verify the end-user’s identity and obtain relevant personal details about them. These attributes can be obtained during authentication:

OIDC Description
sub, mitid.uuid The universally unique identifier for the eID of the end-user.
signicat.national_id, mitid.cpr The CPR number of the end-user.
signicat.nationality The nationality of the national ID (always "DK").
given_name The first name of the end-user.
family_name The surname of the end-user.
name The combined first name and surname of the end-user.
birthdate The end-user's date of birth.
mitid.age The end-user's age.
mitid.address The end-user's address.
mitid.identityname The identity name of the end-user's eID, i.e. their username for authenticating with MitID.
mitid.fal Federated Assurance Level. This will always have the value "HIGH".
mitid.ial Identity Assurance Level. This value is associated with the end-user's eID, assigned as part of the MitID registration process and later only changeable through additional registration processes.
mitid.aal Authentication Assurance Level. This is calculated based on the authenticators that have been used and their strengths.
mitid.loa The Level of Authentication for the authentication. This is calculated as the minimum of IAL, AAL and FAL.
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