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MobileID is an identity and authentication product that creates a strong and immutable binding between a MobileID user and one or more mobile devices. End-users can then use their device to authenticate and authorise transactions through your mobile app for all reoccurring access to your services.

You can learn more about how MobileID works in our developer documentation.

MobileID integration paths

MobileID authentications can be initiated through either:

  • MobileID REST APIs.
  • Signicat's OIDC CIBA APIs (for existing MobileID users).

This page describes how to integrate with MobileID through Signicat's OIDC CIBA APIs.

You can learn about how to integrate through the Mobile REST APIs in our MobileID API reference documentation.


To be able to use MobileID as an ID method with Signicat's OIDC CIBA APIs, it is required that you create users and register devices in MobileID. See Prerequisites for further information.

Once you have active MobileID users and devices, you can trigger authentications through OIDC CIBA for those users only.


Before you can use the Signicat eID Hub product, you need to set up a MobileID identity store and populate it with users and devices. You can do this by using our REST APIs.

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