# mojeID

mojeID is a Polish electronic identification method offered by KIR, a clearing house originated from a banking consortium in Poland.

mojeID enables users to authenticate themselves online and access digital services from government agencies, banks, and private companies. Registered Polish citizens can verify their identity securely, quickly, and conveniently online through their bank's electronic services while maintaining control over the personal data they choose to share.

mojeID works with fifteen Polish identity providers — banks with extensive reach - that facilitate secure identity verification for their users and manage access to mojeID data.

Facts about mojeID

  • Countries: Poland
  • Use cases: Authentication, Identification, Onboarding/Registration
  • Supported protocols: OIDC, Authentication REST API, SAML 2.0
  • Devices: Mobile, desktop
  • Key attributes: Name, national identity number, address, ID document data, bank account number.
  • LoA: Low, Substantial

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