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RiskFlow orchestration

RiskFlow orchestration allows you to combine Signicat products in a workflow. By combining output from different products and their underlying data sources, you can generate output in a unified format, optionally enriched with custom parameters calculated by advanced decisioning logic. Output be a unified set of person identity attributes (name, date of birth, address) enriched with associated credit and fraud risk as well as a calculated overall risk score (low, medium, high).

You can initiate workflows via a single API call. An API response can contain existing Signicat product output elements enriched with bespoke fields.

RiskFlow workflows are backend APIs and do not provide customised frontend elements (other than the elements provided by the products used in a workflow, for example an ID method from our eID Hub).

InstantFlows: Ready-made workflows

Next to our fully tailored workflows, we offer ready-made workflows: InstantFlows.

InstantFlows are workflows for common business processes, like KYC (AML-compliant person onboarding), KYB (AML-compliant business onboarding) or an authority check (checking if a person can legally represent an organisation).

Currently, the following InstantFlows are available:


If you have any questions, reach out to one of our digital identity experts: