The SMS API can be used to send text messages using pre-configured providers in a prioritized order.

  • Sign API

    The Sign API is a RESTful web service that can be used to obtain electronic signatures from customers.

  • Assure API

    The Assure API is a single point of integration for performing Customer Due Diligence/ KYC processes.

  • ArchiveService

    The ArchiveService API can be used to access documents that are stored in Signicat's archive.

  • DocumentService

    The DocumentService API is used for creating and manipulating signing orders.

  • SealingService

    The SealingService API is a service with a SOAP web service interface, and is used for sealing documents.

  • PackagingService

    The PackagingService API is used for packaging one or more native Signed Data Objects (SDOs) into a richer SDO of different types.

  • SCID

    The SignicatID (SCID) API is used for creating and manipulating accounts and objects relevant for authentication and onboarding.

  • iDIN Directory API

    The iDIN Directory API allows you to obtain a list of banks that can be used to log in with iDIN.

  • Trapets API

    The Trapets API allows you to screen customers against sanctions, OFAC and PEP lists for KYC purposes.

  • Bisnode Norge ForetaksInfo API

    Bisnode Norge's ForetaksInfo API is a B2B lookup service in Norway.

  • SurePay API

    The SurePay API offers a lookup service for the Netherlands which can be used during an identity verification process to check that a specific bank account is owned by the end-user.

  • iDIN/KvK API (Identification for businesses)

    The iDIN/KvK API allows you to check if a natural person has a legal mandate to represent a specific Dutch organization.

  • KvK Search and Profile API

    The KvK Search and Profile API API allows you to search for and retrieve company information in the KvK registry (Netherland's Chamber of Commerce).

  • Companies House API

    The Companies House API allows you to retrieve information on companies in the United Kingdom.

  • Arvato Digital Identity Check API

    The Arvato Digital Identity Check API is a verification service used in Germany for validating a customer's address.

  • Schufa Identity Check API

    Schufa Identity Check is a verification service used in Germany for validating a customer's identity.

  • WebID API

    WebID is a German eIDV service for online, compliant end-user identification and contract signing.