• SMS App

    The SMS App will try sending the text message using the configured providers in a prioritized order. If the first one fails, it will try the next one, and so on.

  • ArchiveService

    The ArchiveService API can be used to access documents that are stored in Signicat's archive.

  • DocumentService

    The DocumentService API is used for creating and manipulating document orders for document centric services at Signicat.

  • SealingService

    The SealingService API is a service with a SOAP web service interface, and is used for sealing documents.

  • PackagingService

    The PackagingService API is used for packaging one or more native SDO's into a richer SDO of different types.

  • SCID

    The SCID API is used for creating and manipulating accounts and objects relevant for Signicat Connect and Assure.