# IP addresses

This page contains information about the IP addresses used by Signicat.

Knowing the incoming and outgoing IP addresses is crucial for effective network management, security enforcement, troubleshooting connectivity issues, and ensuring compliance with security policies and regulations.

Depending on your network and security requirements, you might need to add our IP addresses to your firewall's allowlist.

# Incoming traffic

All incoming traffic to Signicat passes through a Loadbalancer available at the following IP addresses:

Service IPv4 addresses IPv6 addresses
Loadbalancer 2600:1901:0:17b0::
CDN 2600:1901:0:a1f1::

# Outgoing traffic

Outgoing traffic is going through the NAT-main. In case of disaster recovery, we redirect traffic to NAT-disaster-recovery.

The table below lists the IP addresses for outgoing traffic of Signicat:

Service IPv4 range

# Additional resources

If you wish to know more about our networks and infrastructure, you can always get in touch with Signicat Support at support@signicat.com.

To view the real-time status of our platform and services, check out our Status page (opens new window).

Last updated: 22/03/2024 14:45 UTC