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# About Smart-ID

Smart-ID is a 2-factor authentication scheme developed by SK ID Solutions for the Baltics. It consists of a lightweight web interface that prompts the user for their national identity number and a mobile app that prompts the user for a PIN code.

# Use cases

Smart-ID can be used for:

  • Digital onboarding: For example, to be able to apply for a loan, the bank may require a user to register and become a customer of this bank. The ID method can be used as a stand alone method or in combination with other services provided by Signicat to verify an identity, like identity paper verification, risk-and-identity data sources and video assurance.

  • Authentication: When the user has completed the digital onboarding process, Smart-ID can be used for authentication by verifying an existing user’s identity. Smart-ID can be used for authentication, in the same way as it can be used for registering as a new customer.

The authentication will result in a type of response that will depend on the type of authentication protocol used.

Screen examples:

SmartID click-to-zoom SmartID two click-to-zoom

# Get started with the integration

Integration with Smart-ID is done similarly to other Signicat's eID methods. This section describes how to get started with setting up Smart-ID.

If you need more general information on how to integrate with Signicat using the OpenID Connect (OIDC) or SAML 2.0 protocols, see the Authentication quick start guide.

# Initial preparations

Sandbox account

We recommend you to create a Sandbox account to test our services before implementing them in production.

# Add Smart-ID

Once your Dashboard account is configured, you must add Smart-ID to the list of supported ID methods.


Before you can start integrating, you need to configure Smart-ID access with an onboarding manager. To get help with this, please contact us (opens new window).

To add Smart-ID:

  • In the Signicat Dashboard, go to Authentication > ID Methods.
  • Click Add new.
  • Choose Smart-ID and click Save.

# Certificate information

There are no certificate exchanges needed to use Smart-ID.

# Test information

Appless test credentials can be found here: https://github.com/SK-EID/smart-id-documentation/wiki/Environment-technical-parameters#accounts (opens new window)

# Support

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