# Signicat Mint

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# Overview

Signicat Mint is a no-code platform to build secure business workflows. You can do so by configuring modular services into custom end-user journeys.

With Signicat Mint you can design, build and deploy your custom onboarding flow, form signing, or streamlined due diligence process and share it with your end-users in just a few clicks.

Signicat Mint offers a seamless experience through the Mint Dashboard, a visual editor where you can drag-and-drop components into flows, manage and analyse reports of completed user journeys and get insights into your processes.

# Get started

Get started with your Mint journey

If you are a new customer interested in using Signicat Mint, contact a digital identity expert:

# Concepts

# Support

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Last updated: 11/04/2024 07:47 UTC