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ID Document and Biometric Verification

With this product, you can perform online onboarding of your prospective customers by scanning and checking their ID documents and/or do biometric checks via video calls. All these features are available through the Signicat Assure API, which integrates with multiple eIDV services.

If you want to know more about how this product can be used before you start integrating, see Use case: Onboarding a customer.


API reference

The Signicat Assure API is a single point of integration across eIDV services. It enables you to combine a wide range of identity document verification mechanisms such as NFC reading of passports, fully automated verification using AI and manual verification performed by agents, based on the specific requirements for each individual end-user identity being verified.

eIDV services

You can use an electronic Identity Document Verification service (eIDV) to verify an end-user's identity by scanning and checking the information of an ID document. The following eIDV providers are currently integrated with the Assure API:

For a comparison of features between the different eIDV services, see the Provider-specific integrations page.