# Demo

To see how the signing solution works, click the button below and try it. Remember to use a test user to complete the signing process.

Try the signing solution

# Test users

# Norwegian BankID test user

You can try to sign a document with the following test user:

National identity number One time password Password
29124815345 otp qwer1234

If the user is blocked due because the wrong password has been entered too many times, you can search it and unblock it here:

​​ (opens new window)

# Screenshots

# Choosing a signing method

Choosing a signing method

# Selecting a document

Selecting a document

# Document viewer

Viewing the document

# Theming example

Theming example

# Other demos

# Theming

  • Pink theme
  • Black theme
  • Dark theme

# Other options

  • Only Norwegian BankID
  • Multiple documents to sign - A demo with 3 documents that has to be signed
  • Dialogs - A dialog is presented to the signer before and after the signing
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