This documentation is now deprecated.

We are migrating new and existing customers to the eID Hub, a Signicat solution that offers integrations to local, national and European electronic identities.

You can find the new documentation in the new platform. Please navigate to our new product documentation:

# Quick start guide

Learn how to authenticate your users in just a few steps. You can use the Authentication API both to onboard new users and to authenticate registered users. See our API reference for detailed information about all the available endpoints and properties.

API version

This quick start guide describes how to get started with version 2 of the Authentication API. If you want to migrate from v1 to v2, use this migration guide.

# Information before you start

If you don't have an account already, you need to create a free Signicat account:

Create a free account

# About the integration options

You can integrate with Signicat in two ways, either by connecting to our REST API, or by using OpenID Connect.

# Signicat Express REST API

Our REST API gives you a lot of flexibility and enables options such as headless authentication.

# Features

  • Several authentication flows available: redirect, headless, and iframe.
  • Native mobile app experience for some methods
  • Signicat Express SDKs

# Learn more

Using the REST API (video)
Learn how to use the Authentication API using REST

# OpenID Connect (OIDC)

Integrate with Signicat through the industry standard for authentication.

# Features

  • Industry standard being used by some of the biggest players in technology such as Google and Facebook
  • Easily available libraries for different languages and frameworks
  • End user consent
  • No need to manage user sessions on your own

# Learn more

Using OpenID Connect (video)
Learn how to use the Authentication API using OpenID Connect

# Get started

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