# Events overview

Events are our way of letting you know when something happens in your account. For example, when a document is signed, we create a DocumentSigned event.

Events can be handled in multiple ways:

  • ​Webhooks
  • ​Events REST API​
  • ​.NET events client

# Event format

All events share a common structure that includeds the necessary information to process the event. Note that the payload object will vary depending on the type of event.

Property Type Description
id string Unique identifier for the event
timestamp string Time at which the event was created (ISO 8601)
accountId string Unique identifier for the Idfy account
type string The type of event that occured
payload object Unique object determined by the event type
tags array Tags that was added to the entity (document, share etc)

# Example

  "id": "fce05bc5-0c13-42fd-96e2-bc51c8975eb1",
  "timestamp": "2017-10-30T09:00:00Z",
  "accountId": "e0e7e75e-d6ac-42bf-be4b-128ca29dfe4c",
  "type": "document_created",
  "payload": {
    "documentId": "8bfae710-5e4b-4464-ab7a-167f73c37590",
    "externalDocumentId": "8577545740"
  "tags": [
    "department": "hr",
    "archive": true

# Event types & Payloads

Each event has a similar JSON schema, but will also contain a unique payloadobject with relevant information.

Last updated: 19/10/2021 15:24 UTC