# End deposit

There are two ways to end the deposit account depending on the status of the deposit.

# Case 1: The deposit is not fully funded

If you need to change something and the deposit hasn't been funded, you can cancel the deposit and release any funds that have been locked by calling the cancel endpoint.

# Cancel the deposit


# Case 2: The deposit is fully funded

If the deposit has been funded, the only way to release the funds are to call the release endpoint. There are two ways to carry out the release.

  • If the entire amount should be released to the tenant, use the "TENANT" category.
  • If the amount should be split between the tenant and the landlord, use the "SPLIT" category.

# Release the entire amount to the tenant

When you use the "TENANT" category, the amount on the deposit account will be released instantly.


Request sample

  "category": "TENANT",
  "username": "User who initiated the release"

# Split the amount between the tenant and landlord

When you use the "SPLIT" category, we require the tenant to sign a document to accept the split. We will send out a signature document, and release the account as soon as it it signed by the tenant. Until it is signed, you can call the endpoint multiple times if you want to change the amount each party receives.


Request sample

  "category": "SPLIT",
  "amount": {
    "tenant": 25000,
    "landlord": 2000
  "username": "User who initiated the release",
  "transactionInfo": {
    "landlord": {
      "kid": "string",
      "description": "string"
Last updated: 28/10/2021 10:44 UTC