# Overview

Our documentation and quick start guides will help you to integrate with Signicat services.

# Create a free account

First you need to establish a test account and obtain your API credentials. You can get a free API account for the Signicat test environment by using our onboarding form:

Create account

For a quick introduction to Signicat Express and its documentation, check out this video:

# Explore our documentation

To get further along you should explore this documentation site, it is propped with great examples and tutorials. A natural step on the way is learning how to create and use API tokens.

# Signicat Dashboard

The developer dashboard lets you manage and configure your Signicat account.

Sign in to dashboard for test Sign in to production dashboard

Working in a team?

You can easily invite team members to access the dashboard and help manage your account

Dashboard features

Some of the actions you can perform from the dashboard are:

  • Manage OAuth2 clients associated with your account
  • Manage OpenID Connect clients associated with your account
  • Upload account logo
  • Manage webhooks
  • View account logs (webhooks, document, identification, failed authentication attempts and more)
  • View usage graphs
  • View invoice details
  • View ID session logs

The dashboard utilises our OpenID Connect service and lets you connect multiple login methods such as Github, Google, Norwegian BankID and SMS OTP.

# APIs

The main APIs we offer are listed here.

Trusted authentication
Electronic signing
Registry lookups
Obtain or monitor information about natural persons and organisations

To learn more about the different APIs, and what they are typically used for, check out this video:

# Identity methods

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