# Verimi

# About Verimi

Verimi is a European electronic identity scheme which allows end-users to provide reliable proof of their identity to businesses and public authorities in a convenient and secure fashion, including e-government services. Verimi currently offers support for Germany.

# Key features

  • End-users can choose which details they want to share with third parties.
  • Verimi may also be used to safely store sensitive digital documents.

Signicat supports Verimi for identity proofing, authentication and signing.

# Integrating with Verimi through Signicat

Web integration with Verimi is done via the same API as Signicat’s other ID methods. See Get started with authentication for more information. Integration with Verimi must be carried out using OIDC. Through the single point of integration, one will get access to Signicat’s wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, not only Verimi, but also other services like identity paper verification and lookups.

# Authentication

By clicking the "Login with Verimi" or "Register with Verimi" button, the end-user will be forwarded to in order to authenticate. This can be done using an email address and password or using a mobile phone number (Verimi supports the Mobile Connect standard).

Verimi mobile connect click-to-zoom

Then, the end-user can authorise the merchant to access particular personal data fields. If the merchant requests a verified identity, the end-user will be led through the verification process without leaving the flow (inline verification). Verimi offers six verification levels and corresponding methods (Personalausweis (eID), bank ident, giro ident, video ident, auto ident and photo ident).

Verimi mobile connect click-to-zoom

After this, the merchant will be able to access the personal data that the end-user has chosen to make available. The available scopes and claims are listed in the tables below. Note that different scopes and claims can be configured depending on the interests of the merchant. If you want to add any of the scopes or claims listed below to your configuration, contact our support team.

These are the main scopes and claims which are available for all eIDs.

Scope Claims
profile name, given_name, family_name, birthdate
email email, email_verified
address address
phone phone_number, phone_number_verified

The following scopes and claims, which are specific to Verimi, are also available.

Verimi scope Verimi claims
birthdate verimi.birthdate.verified
address verimi.address.academicTitle verimi.address.addressInfo verimi.address.countryCode verimi.address.firm verimi.address.number verimi.address.standard verimi.address.street verimi.address.title verimi.address.verified verimi.address.zipCode
idcard verimi.idcard.academicTitle verimi.idcard.added verimi.idcard.address verimi.idcard.birthDate verimi.idcard.birthPlace verimi.idcard.citizenship verimi.idcard.documentType verimi.idcard.firstName verimi.idcard.idCardNumber verimi.idcard.issueDate verimi.idcard.issuingAuthority verimi.idcard.lastName verimi.idcard.maidenName verimi.idcard.pseudonym verimi.idcard.title verimi.idcard.validUntil verimi.idcard.verificationDate verimi.idcard.verificationMethod
passport verimi.passport.academicTitle verimi.passport.added verimi.passport.address verimi.passport.birthDate verimi.passport.birthPlace verimi.passport.citizenship verimi.passport.documentType verimi.passport.firstName verimi.passport.idCardNumber verimi.passport.issueDate verimi.passport.issuingAuthority verimi.passport.lastName verimi.passport.maidenName verimi.passport.pseudonym verimi.passport.title verimi.passport.validUntil verimi.passport.verificationDate verimi.passport.verificationMethod
taxid verimi.taxid.taxId verimi.taxid.verified
paymentdata verimi.paymentdata.bic verimi.paymentdata.fullName verimi.paymentdata.iban verimi.paymentdata.paymentActive verimi.paymentdata.verified
age_above_16 verimi.age_above_16.valid
age_above_18 verimi.age_above_18.valid
age_above_21 verimi.age_above_21.valid
frequent_travel_route_start verimi.frequent_travel_route_start.value
frequent_travel_route_destination verimi.frequent_travel_route_destination.value
frequent_travel_route_seat_preference verimi.frequent_travel_route_seat_preference.value
frequent_travel_route_class_preference verimi.frequent_travel_route_class_preference.value
frequent_travel_route_language_preference verimi.frequent_travel_route_language_preference.value
frequent_travel_route_food_preference verimi.frequent_travel_route_food_preference.value

# How to get started with Verimi

If you want to start using Verimi through Signicat, get in touch with us (opens new window) and our sales team will guide you through the process.

# Test information

Signicat’s test environment (opens new window) is available 24×7 and may be used during your development and test phase.

To get access to Verimi's test environment, you can fill in this registration form (opens new window).

After you are registered as a service provider in the Verimi platform, you will receive a client_id and a client_secret to authenticate your application.

Last updated: 13/09/2022 14:07 UTC