# MobileID App

# About the MobileID App

Signicat's MobileID App offers a simple way to implement and use two-factor authentication on mobile devices. If combined with SignicatID (SCID), electronic signing of documents is also supported. On-device biometrics and device binding are used as the primary factors when authenticating users. This improves security, UX and customer engagement.

The solution offers fingerprint, facial recognition or PIN code for authentication and provides Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) satisfying PSD2 requirements. The MobileID App is available on Google Play (opens new window)as well as the Apple App Store (opens new window).

# Supported use cases

  • Registration or device activation. This is the prerequisite for all other MobileID operations.
  • Authentication of previously registered users in the merchant's existing mobile app.
  • Authentication-based signing of documents on mobile devices. This functionality uses Signicat's electronic signature solution.

# Key features

Supports PIN and fingerprint on both Apple and Android devices, as well as Apple Face ID.

Authentication-based signing of documents with MobileID is available through Signicat's electronic signature functionality, if combined with SignicatID (SCID).

Provides Strong Customer Authentication (SCA) satisfying PSD2 requirements.

Like the MobileID InApp solution, the MobileID App relies on Encap Security, an established and trusted provider of mobile security solutions, for app security. The MobileID App is not the same as the MobileID InAapp solution, however. The MobileID App is a standalone app, whereas the MobileID InApp solution is integrated with existing business applications.

# Integrate with the MobileID App

Integration with the MobileID App is done via the same API as Signicat's other ID methods. Through the single point of integration, one will get access to Signicat's wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, not only MobileID, but also other services like identity paper verification.

Specific instructions for integrating using both OIDC and SAML can be found in our integration guides.

# Test information

If you would like to see how the MobileID App works, you can use Signicat's demo service.

# Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

Our Frequently asked questions (FAQ) page answers commonly asked questions about the MobileID App.

# Support

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