# Planning the signing process

# Introduction

Before you start integrating electronic signatures with Signicat, consider the following:

  • How many documents do you want to get signed?
  • Which features do you need for the best possible user experience?
  • Which signing method(s) do you want to offer?

# Signing Methods

There is a wide range of signing methods available including BankIDs, government IDs and handwritten signing. You can choose to enable one or more signing methods from multiple countries that can be used for the same signing order.

What signing methods you choose depends on which country you are operating in, what regulatory requirements you need to comply with and what kind of user experience you want.

To learn more about which methods Signicat delivers and to see the full list of signing methods, refer to our identity methods overview.

# Functionality and features

Signicat's electronic signature solution offers a lot of features and options that can be used to create a great signing experience. Our Sign API offers a lot of flexibility and is continuously improved to meet the needs of our customers.

# Document options (required, optional)

You can select whether a document should be viewed or signed by the end-user and if it is optional or required to sign a document. Advanced flows, such as having a required document with an additional optional agreement, are possible, where the user can either sign one of the documents or decline.

# Upload

You can make it possible for the end-user to upload a document in the signing process. This is great if you want the user to provide additional information such as contracts, self declaration forms, tax receipts or other documentation.

# Forms

Do you want the end-user to fill in forms inside a document? Signicat's electronic signature solution allows you to create form fields inside a document. The fields can then be filled in by the end-user.

# Lookup services

By enabling our information lookup services you can retrieve additional data relevant for the signing process, such as a company's roles, signing rights and addresses.

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