API overview

# Before you start

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# Accessing REST services

If you want to use one of our REST APIs, refer to our documentation on how to access Signicat REST services.

# Identity proofing

Digital identity proofing and regulatory compliant onboarding of users

Assure API
The Assure API is a single point of integration for performing Customer Due Diligence/ KYC processes.

# Authentication

Create user-friendly and secure authentication experiences

Authentication API
A single point of integration to the largest hub of trusted identity methods.
SignicatID (SCID)
SignicatID is an authentication ecosystem and a user store.
The SMS API can be used to send text messages using pre-configured providers in a prioritized order.
iDIN Directory API
Retrieve a list of the banks that are part of the iDIN scheme in order to present it to the end-user when they authenticate.

# Digital Evidence Management (DEM)

Store transactional data or consent messages

Digital Evidence Management API
Our REST API for capturing audit trail data

# Electronic signatures

Digitalise your contract processes with our regulatory compliant electronic signature solution

# RESTful web services

# SOAP web services

The DocumentService API is used for creating and manipulating document orders for document-centric services.
PackagingService API
The API is used for packaging one or multiple signed documents into a PDF (or another format).
ArchiveService API
The ArchiveService API can be used to access signed documents that are stored in Signicat's archive.
Session Data Storage (SDS)
Session Data Storage (SDS) is used with our SOAP APIs to store documents for a signing process.
SealingService API
The SealingService API is used to securely seal a document.

# Registry lookups

Signicat's registry lookup services allow you to validate data from your customers, both natural persons and organisations.


The APIs below return non-normalised data and are being phased out, so we recommend that you integrate towards our normalised service if you are building a new integration. Normalised registry lookups are only available on Signicat Express; to read more about them, refer to the Express documentation.

Bisnode Norge ForetaksInfo API (deprecated)
Look up information about organisations in the Norwegian business registry.
KvK Search and Profile API
Verify a person's legal rights within a Dutch company (for example, signing rights).
Identification for businesses via iDIN and the Dutch Chamber of Commerce
Verify a person's legal rights within a Dutch company (for example, signing rights) after they have authenticated with iDIN.
SurePay API
Verify ownership of bank accounts in the Netherlands.
Trapets API (deprecated)
Screen your customers against sanctions, OFAC and PEP lists for KYC purposes.
Last updated: 17/11/2023 10:07 UTC