# Assure API

The Assure API is a RESTful service that businesses can use to perform electronic identity verification (eIDV) of their customers, i.e. to scan and verify identity documents using one or more of the supported eIDV services. It also allows to obtain identity information from eID methods and to match and corroborate the data from these sources.

The purpose of the Assure API is to provide a unique and simple way of integrating these identification services, working both in a browser and native mobile contexts and supporting asynchronous operations.

# Accessing the Assure API

For information on how to get access to the Assure API, see Quick start guide > Set up an API integration.

# Privacy and data

The Assure API conforms to the Signicat Identity Verification privacy statement (opens new window).

Last updated: 30/11/2022 11:28 UTC