# Broadcast

# About broadcast

Our broadcast feature allows you to broadcast authentication and signing operations to all of your end-user's active devices. This enables your end-users to finish the operation on whichever device is most convenient for them.

Diagram showing how broadcast works click-to-zoom

# How does broadcast work?

When using broadcast, the authentication or signing operation will be broadcast to all of the end-user's active devices. The devices will receive a push notification if this has been configured in the application configuration. It is up to the end-user to select the device on which the operation will be finished.

From the end-user's perspective, a broadcast operation looks the same as an operation that was not broadcast. The only exception is that they will receive the operation on all of their devices when broadcast is used, as opposed to just the one device that was specified if not.

Once the operation is completed on one of these devices, then the operation cannot be completed on any other device that has also received the broadcast.


A broadcast operation is billed the same way as one normal operation.

# Configuration options

You can enable broadcast for authentication and signing operations.

Broadcast is disabled by default. To enable the feature, you have to set broadcast to true in the operationProperties object in the operation request.

Broadcast mode Description
false Broadcast is disabled. This is the default value.

When broadcast is set to false, the device object in the operation request is mandatory. You must explicitly specify the device (specified by the deviceId) on which the operation will be carried out.
true Broadcast is enabled.

When broadcast is set to true, the device object in the operation request should either be empty, or not supplied entirely.

Example: Enabling broadcast
An example of how to enable broadcast in the operation request.

  "userId": "0e99b25c-abde-4553-973b-8d94d49cd87e",
  "operationProperties": {
    "broadcast": true

You can find more information about broadcast in the Start authentication operation, in our MobileID API reference documentation (opens new window).

Last updated: 11/04/2024 07:47 UTC