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Use cases

You can explore some examples of how and where MobileID is being used today.

Use case examples

MobileID is built flexibly, to enable you to implement any use case that you might have.

You can use the buttons below to explore examples of how you can use MobileID:

Further use cases

MobileID also supports:

  • PSD2-compliant payment authorisations
  • Customer support identifications
  • 3DS payment authorisations
  • Consent signatures
  • Multiple users on the same device


MobileID is a tool to drive mobile business. Today it has millions of end-users who use this technology to perform authentications and authorisations across Europe.

Here are some examples of where MobileID is being used today:

  • Banking
  • Wealth management
  • Insurance
  • Healthcare
  • iGaming

Customer cases

You can read about how our customers are using our solutions today in our customer cases: