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About MobileID

MobileID is a product that simplifies building your digital identity lifecycle.

The identity lifecycle

A digital identity has a lifecycle which consists of 4 stages:

  • Sign up: Sign up new customers, verify identities and attributes, and create credentials for returning use.
  • Sign in: Sign in customers to any services.
  • Sign it: Provide consent and authorise transactions.
  • Sign off: Sign off a customer when they want to stop using your services and remove their identity.

The identity lifecycle with MobileID

MobileID has a role in all stages of the digital identity lifecycle.

Diagram showing identity lifecycle with MobileID

Diagram showing identity lifecycle with MobileID

Sign up

During the sign up stage, you will create a MobileID user for your customer, and add at least one device to be used for all future sign in and sign it transactions. We will ensure that the user performing the transaction is the same as the one who signed up for the service.

Sign in

Customers returning to your services need to sign in. With our product, you can authenticate your customers across all channels and countries using your mobile app.

Sign it

To be compliant and secure, your customer will have to sign it; authorising payments and consenting to transactions.

Sign off

If a customer wants to stop using your services and remove their identity, they need to sign off. You can remove identities and their credentials from MobileID.

Secure, global and compliant

MobileID is an identity and authentication product that creates a strong and immutable binding between a MobileID user and one or more mobile devices. Your customers can then use their device to authenticate and authorise transactions through your mobile app. The device uses on-device biometrics or a PIN code, in combination with the device itself, to achieve two-factor authentication.

MobileID is built to support omni-channel transactions. This means that the transaction will always be approved by your customer in your mobile app, regardless of what channel the transaction was initiated in. MobileID can be used in any country, allowing you to use a single solution across your global business.

MobileID is compliant with the Payment Services Directive (PSD2) and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).


MobileID consists of two parts:

  • Backend REST APIs
  • Mobile SDK for Android and iOS

The SDK is integrated into your mobile app to give you complete control over the user journey and experience.

Diagram showing integration with MobileID

Diagram showing integration with MobileID

Use cases

MobileID is built flexibly, to enable you to build a passwordless business.

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