# Test information

To be able to test Norwegian BankID, you need to generate a test user. You need this for both the "standard" and mobile version. In addition, when testing the mobile version, you also need a SIM card.

You can generate test users yourself from this page: https://ra-preprod.bankidnorge.no/#/generate (opens new window)

  1. Select end-user and gender.
  2. Select the Generate number button.
  3. In the "Order new BankID" form, enter the first name, last name, and a BankID friendly name.
  4. Select the Order button to order your new BankID test user.

Credentials for all test users

The one-time password is otp and the password is qwer1234.

An alternative to generating new test users, is to use the following available test-users:

National ID Provider Last name First name
11113306361 Signicat Johnson John
29090816894 Signicat Williams Ellie
10103933108 Signicat Nordmann Ola

# Order SIM cards for BankID on Mobile

You can order SIM cards for the BankID's mobile environment via Signicat's Service Desk, by email to support@signicat.com. You must include the following information:

  • Number of SIM cards needed
  • Whether the SIM cards should be connected to existing test users
    • If so, the names and national ID numbers of those test users
    • If you have no preference, some user data will be generated for you
  • Organisation number
  • Shipping address (with the recipient’s name)
  • Billing address (with the recipient’s name)
  • Billing E-mail address

Signicat will verify the order and pass it on to BankID. It will take approximately one week for the test SIM cards to arrive.

Last updated: 10/10/2023 10:56 UTC