# Sign agreements and order certificates

Before you can start integrating with Signicat's implementation for BankID (Norway), you must sign an agreement with Signicat and BankID to obtain the needed access.

# Sign an agreement with Signicat

Signicat presents an offer and information about needed steps you must follow to have a fully functional eID solution running through Signicat. To get help with this, please contact Signicat (opens new window).

# Obtain BankID access

To get started with BankID you have to obtain merchant credentials for BankID.

  1. Information needed from you as a merchant:
  • Your organisation contact information: Name, mail and phone number.
  • Your organisation number (preferably a Norwegian organisation number).
  • Contact information for the signer in your organisation: Name, mail and phone number.
  • The signer must be someone that holds a BankID user and that is allowed to sign according to Brønnøysund Register Centre and the Certificate of Incorporation. If not, there should be a power of attorney.
  • Contact information for those who have the permit to revoke/block the certificate: Name, mail and phone number (up to 2).
  • The title you want in the BankID client, i.e company name.
  • The bank that should issue the certificate. It must be your main bank.
  • Documentation that you are eligible to retrieve the national ID (according to Norwegian law) if this is required.
  1. Signicat will fill in the rest of the needed information for the agreement.
  2. The agreement will be signed electronically.

# Certificate information

# Merchant certificates

Merchant certificate (BrukerstedsBankID) is a business certificate that can represent an organisation. A business certificate is intended to ensure communication and identification to and from organisations. The certificate does not hold any personal information.

A merchant certificate will be generated and stored in the BankID infrastructure. It is BankID that manage the merchant certificate for you.

# Installation

Normally, an onboarding manager will have the role as technical responsible in the BankID agreement. This person will receive instructions from the bank or BankID on how to connect to to BankID. When the necessary details are received, they will be installed on your account in Signicat's system and made available for you from your unique customer-specific configuration. When the configuration is set up in test, you may verify your merchant certificate by sending calls to the BankID authentication or signature service, using test users.

# Credentials for sandbox

This will usually be Signicat's test credentials for use in Signicat's test environments. It may only be used to authenticate test users (not real live persons).

# Credentials for production

Credentials for production represent your business in the BankID and Signicat production environments. A certificate will be issued by your bank and stored in the BankID infrastructure. It may only be used to authenticate real live persons (not test users).

# User certificate types

User certificates are “Banklagret”, which means that they are stored centrally in the BankID infrastructure. It is possible to use a “Banklagret” BankID from any computer. PersonBankID is defined by BankID as a type of a client certificate. It is a personal BankID which can be used both for authentication and signature.

Last updated: 10/10/2023 10:56 UTC