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Use cases for DigiD

DigiD can be used to authenticate your end-users. There are several options available for the integration.


The most common scenario where to use DigiD is end-user authentication with the services of the public administration or with organisations providing public services in the Netherlands. DigiD authentication requires the BSN of the end-user.

Example app2app


The flow in this section shows an example of authentication performed on the same (mobile) device. A flow for authentication across multiple devices, such as going from laptop to app, consists of more steps.

Imagine a situation where an end-user wants to access a restricted section on your mobile application using DigiD.

To log in using DigiD for authentication:

  1. The end-user locates the DigiD login button on your application. Clicking the button opens the DigiD app automatically.
  2. The end-user enters the PIN code to access the DigiD app.
  3. The end-user views the confirmation screen in the DigiD app that shows the icon and name of your application. After clicking "Log in", the DigiD app switches back to your application.
  4. Once the authentication process is complete, the end-user gains access to your application.

The flow would look like:

App2app authentication DigiD

App2app authentication DigiD