# Use cases

Here are some use case examples to better understand how you can use Data Verification for both persons and organisations:

  • Gather basic identity information for onboarding.
  • View finance and credit risk rating information.
  • Identify the ultimate beneficiary owner (UBO) of an organisation.
  • Retrieve roles and ownership information of an organisation.
  • Screen a person or an organisation for politically exposed person (PEP), sanction and adverse media status.
  • Verify the ownership of bank accounts.
  • Get the signatory rights of an organisation.
  • Verify identity information provided by the user.
  • Enrich end-user and organisation data.
  • Ensure AML/KYC compliance.

# Customer cases

You can read about how our customers are using our solutions in the customer cases:

Get started with Data Verification in just a few steps with our Quick start guide.

Last updated: 11/04/2024 07:47 UTC