# About Digital ID Card from Swedish BankID

The Digital ID Card from Swedish BankID (from now referred as"ID card") can be used to verify the identity and age of end-users in a physical environment, instead of them showing a valid ID document such as a Swedish passport or the national ID card. The digital ID card looks as follows (test card):

Digital ID Card from Swedish BankID click-to-zoom

The digital ID card is only available via the Swedish BankID app.

For more high-level information about the ID card, see the Swedish BankID web page (opens new window).

# How it works

The ID card is typically used in a physical environment whenever an end-user needs to verify their identity, e.g. in a shop, at the post office etc.


  • The end-user must have Swedish BankID and the BankID app installed on their mobile.
  • The end-user must have activated the ID card in the Swedish BankID app.
  1. The end-user opens the BankID app, selects ID card (ID-kort) and identifies with a 6-digit code. This displays the ID card with a QR code.
  2. The end-user presents the opened BankID ID card in the form of a QR code to the shop employee etc.
  3. The employee scans this QR code.

The BankID app flow with the ID card activated looks as follows (step 1 above):

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You include the data from the scanned QR code in the initial request to Signicat in the Create a session endpoint.

On a successful response, the result of the verification can be fetched from the Get session status endpoint.

A signed proof of authentication will be returned to you including all the attributes you requested in the initial request.

QR code expiry time

The QR codes are meant to be consumed quickly and will expire within a short period of time. If an expired QR code is used, an error is returned.

For more technical details on how to set this up, see the Setup page.

Last updated: 10/10/2023 10:56 UTC