# Communication

# eHerkenning communication

The eHerkenning Communication Guide provides step-by-step advice on communicating information to the relevant people.


For more information, read the Communication Guide from eHerkenning (opens new window) (in Dutch).

The eHerkenning logo, login buttons and assurance levels can be downloaded here:

eHerkenning Communication Toolkit

# eIDAS communication


The following information is taken from the Logius eIDAS Communication Manual (opens new window).

# Communication checklist: Setting up your website for eIDAS

  1. Texts: provide a clear explanation about eIDAS on your website. Use text elements and visual elements, such as the logo, for this.
  2. Images: use the EU flag as a visual marker for European login, at the login button for European login. As a result, European citizens and companies know that they can log in to your service via this button.

# Text elements eIDAS

From September 29, 2018, your organisation must be able to grant holders of eIDAS-recognised login means access to your digital services. In due course, even more recognised login tools will be added. This means that a multitude of users can come to your organisation.

The eIDAS regulation does not oblige organisations to translate the service into multiple European languages. However, your organisation can use a number of standard text elements in English.

# Word of welcome

Make it clear to European users that they can log in with their European login. If you want to indicate that the service is only for citizens or companies, you can add '(for businesses)' or '(for citizens)'.

You can use the following options:

  1. Here you can log in with a European-recognised login means
  2. Do you have a European approved digital identity? Please login here.
  3. Login with your European digital identity.

# Key messages

If you want to provide European users with more information about the possibilities of eIDAS, you can use an in-depth text. Keep in mind that the term eIDAS is often still unknown to a European user.

# Take your European digital identity with you, everywhere you go in Europe

Are you in the possession of an eIDAS-approved digital identity? That means that you can take advantage of the eIDAS-regulation that becomes effective on the 29th of September. Accessing online public services like filing your income taxes at the Dutch Tax Authority or registering for courses at a Dutch university are made accessible to you without physically having to cross the border. This applies to all online public services that are already available to local citizens in possession of a digital identity, in all of the European Union.

# EU flag and files application

The EU flag is available in various formats to use on your website as a visual marker at the login button for European login. You can find these files in the communication toolkit.


  • The EU flag itself should not be used as a login button
  • Application examples of how to use the EU flag next to the login button can be found in the communication toolkit.

The logo is also well scalable. In the communication toolkit you can find both logos in different formats (150, 300, 500 px) and formats (CMYK and RGB, PNG, EPS, AI). Contact our technical support team to receive the toolkit.

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