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Test data

This page contains information about the test data available for the data sources supported by Signicat's Ongoing Monitoring.

You can find test data for data sources used for each attribute and country. An attribute corresponds to an endpoint of the Ongoing Monitoring API.


Use the links on the "Source" column to learn more about the test data available for each information source.

AddressNorwayDet sentrale folkeregister (via Infotorg)
AddressSwedenStatens personadressregister (SPAR)


Norge Folkeregisteret

There are two ways to access Norge Folkeregisteret (Norway National Registry):

  • Through Infotorg. Infotorg provides test data on demand. You can find more information about Infotorg's services, including contact information, on their website (in Norwegian).
  • Through Skatteetaten, the Norwegian agency responsible for resident registration and tax collection. The test data is available on Skatteetaten's documentation site (in Norwegian).
    • You can search for syntethic test data with Tenor test data search - an online solution offered by Skatteetaten.

Statens personadressregister (SPAR)

For the Ongoing Monitoring API, use the test data in this file.