# Managing Organisations

Organisations can be managed from the Organisations section from the dashboard by Admin, SuperAdmin and Functional Manager users. ‌

# Functionality

Organisations and sub-organisations can easily be added by Admin, SuperAdmin and Functional Manager users. Besides optionally selecting the parent organisations, it requires only a name. Optionally, roles, a Chamber of Commerce number, branch number and organisation code can be provided. Organisations can also be deactivated. ‌

When deleting an organisation or sub-organisation, you are provided with an overview of the consequences, including the number of users that will be removed on deletion of the organisation. ‌

An organisation can have roles, which determine what kind of (user) roles are allowed to be used in the organisation. Roles can only be managed by users with the SuperAdmin role.

If you are an Admin, SuperAdmin or Functional Manager you can manage the organisations from the options in the left menu. ‌This will provide an overview of all organisations and their hierarchy.

# Organisations dashboard

From the Organisations page, you can see a list of all the added organisations, including the following information:

  • Organisation hierarchy and name
  • Chamber of Commerce number (where available)
  • Branch number (where available)
  • Organisation code (where available)
  • Active status
  • Number of users per organisation

In addition, using Actions you can:

  • Use to access a more detailed view of the organisation, including an overview of all users and an option to create a new sub-organisation or invite new users.

  • Use to update the organisation settings.


See Managing Users for more information.‌

# Add new organisations

Using Add, new organisations can be added to OwnIdP. This is where the details viewed on the Organisations dashboard are added. Custom attributes that you have already created will also appear here.


Do not delete your main organisation with OrganisationID 1 (ciam/organisations/1/). This will cause you to lose the option to login with your MySignicat account.

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