# Admins Management

The Admins Management section of MySignicat will allow you to invite colleagues and give them access to specific federations or organisations, as needed. You can use the table below to get an overview of the access rights of the various user roles.

# Authorisation matrix for MySignicat roles


Rights on an organisation level apply to all federations under that organisation.

OrganisationAdmin FederationAdmin ConfigReader AuditLogViewer StatisticsViewer AnomalyAccess
View configuration (read-only) x x x x
View, Create, Update, Delete configuration x x
Read message log content x x x
Access/Use SP simulator x x x x
Access Broker x x x x
Access OwnIdP x x
View statistics x x x x
View, Create, Update, Delete statistic scheduling jobs x x
View anomaly data x x x
View & Update anomaly rules x x x
View & Update theme settings x x

# Inviting users

Follow the link below to find out about inviting other users to join you in MySignicat:

Inviting MySignicat Users
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