# MySignicat Dashboard

Once you are logged into MySignicat, you will be redirected to the dashboard. Here you will find three main components:

  1. The menu (on the left) where Admins Management can be accessed
  2. The organisations view
  3. The federations view

# Organisations view

On the dashboard you will find the Organisations section where you will be provided with a list of all your organisations. To select one, simply click on the name of the desired organisation.

# Federations view

Once you have selected an organisation, the Federations list will be populated with all the federations in that organisation that you have access to. If you can't find your federation, ask your admin to give you access to it.

To select a federation, simply click on it's name. This will bring you to the Federation dashboard.

Last updated: 4/11/23, 2:27:56 PM UTC