# About eHerkenning/eIDAS


Learn more about how to configure eHerkenning in the Signicat Identity Broker or find out more about the eHerkenning Broker.

# eHerkenning overview

Businesses and other organisations often need to deal with the government, local authorities or other bodies. eHerkenning is the most secure way to access public services online. eHerkenning provides online identification, enabling you to exchange confidential information with other organisations securely. It is the only Dutch eID method that allows you to act on behalf of a company.


Service providers in the Netherlands can use eHerkenning to allow users to log in on behalf of their organisations.

Using the eHerkenning Broker, you can connect your online services directly to eHerkenning. Via the eHerkenning Broker, you can determine per service which reliability level of eHerkenning is applicable to the service type.

# Key features

  • The only Dutch eID method that allows you to act on behalf of a company.
  • All Dutch government bodies must support eHerkenning when offering online services for companies.
  • Supports five different Levels of Assurance (LoA) depending on type of service.

# eHerkenning specifications

Public and Private

eHerkenning specifications are created by the Dutch Government but with the know-how of private technology companies.

Any private party that enters eHerkenning must comply with a strict set of security requirements.

# What is a service?

The public or government body that the end-user wants to log in to is the service; for example, applying for an energy label, applying for subsidy, submitting taxes, parking permits, eLoket, pension plans, and many more.

# Other sources

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