See these links for the ArchiveService API, the SealingService API and sealing documentation. If you are not sure where to begin, read Get started with long-term validation.

Preservation of documents

Over time electronic signatures and digital identities must be revitalized. Algorithms used in electronic signatures may be broken or keys may be lost or stolen. Signicat Preserve offers both periodic re-sealing of electronically signed or sealed documents as well as archiving of the documents in a secure way. With Signicat Preserve your documents stay protected, unmodified and valid over time in addition to ensure that the documents are always available to all parties involved.

Preservation of identities

And just as your physical passport needs to be renewed every few years, so must the digital identity. This could be because the assurance documents used during the initial assurance have expired or validity of certificates has ended, as well as verifying that a person receiving some benefits is still alive.

For organizations

For end users

Secure, encrypted archive hosted by Signicat

Signature preservation and re-sealing of documents

Time Stamping Authority

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