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Sign agreement and order certificate

Before you can start integrating with Signicat's implementation for BankID (Sweden), you must provide us with some basic information, sign an agreement with Signicat and obtain merchant certificates.

Provide information to Signicat

Before Signicat can set up a new solution with BankID, there are two pieces of information you must provide before we can start the process:

  • A preferred BankID bank. If you do not have a preferred BankID bank, Signicat will select an issuing bank.
  • A display name for the BankID app.

Sign an agreement with Signicat

Signicat presents an offer and information about needed steps you must follow to have a fully functional eID solution running through Signicat. To get help with this, please contact Signicat.

You then sign an agreement with Signicat, which enables Signicat to have a Relying Party certificate (Förlitandepartcertifikat, or FP-certifikat) issued on behalf of you. Signicat is an official BankID broker, approved by Finansiell ID-Teknik in Sweden.

Signicat will then install the Relying Party certificate in your service. No further input is normally needed from you.

Certificate information

Relying Party Certificate

The Relying Party certificate (Förlitandepartcertifikat, or FP-certifikat) is used to identify a service provider offering BankID. It is intended to secure communication to and from said service provider. It does not store any personally identifiable information.


The Replying Party certificates created by Signicat cannot be used outside of Signicat's services, i.e. not in applications that do not use Signicat's cloud service. If you need a certificate without this limitation, please contact your bank.

BankID e-identity for private persons

Personal BankID certificates are usually accessed via an app on the end-user's phone. In a few cases, they are stored on a smartcard or on a file on the end-user's computer.

Several Swedish banks are capable of issuing BankID e-identities for private persons. Such identities roam across banks.