# Response examples and parameters

You use BankID to verify the end-user's identity and obtain relevant personal details about them. This page shows response code examples with property descriptions for the OIDC protocol.

# OIDC response example

This section shows a responses example for the UserInfo endpoint. You can find detailed scopes and claims descriptions below the code example.

	"family_name": "Kari",
	"given_name": "Nordmann",
	"birthdate": "1990-02-17",
	"nin": "17029012345",
	"nin_type": "BIRTH",
	"nin_issuing_country": "NO",
	"nbid_tid": "1ebe3243-ec47-42fe-9f3b-8f323e1e0d53",
	"nbid_auth_time": "1655728553",
	"nbid_alternative_subject": "9578-6000-4-877",
	"nbid_originator": "CN=BankID - TestBank1 - Bank CA 3,OU=123456789,O=TestBank1 AS,C=NO;OrginatorId=9980;OriginatorName=BINAS;OriginatorId=9980",
	"nbid_updated_at": 1606394130000,
	"nbid_additional_cert_info": "{\"certValidFrom\":1606394130000,\"serialNumber\":\"1407572\",\"keyAlgorithm\":\"RSA\",\"keySize\":\"2048\",\"policyOid\":\"2.16.578.\",\"monetaryLimitAmount\":\"100000\",\"certQualified\":true,\"monetaryLimitCurrency\":\"NOK\",\"certValidTo\":1669466130000,\"versionNumber\":\"3\",\"subjectName\":\"CN=Nordmann\\\\,Kari,O=TestBank1 AS,C=NO,SERIALNUMBER=9578-6000-4-877\"}",
	"nbid_subject_uuid": "e6418f52-b90d-49ea-a448-a73d39f24ec7",
	"nbid_idp": "BID",
	"sub": "6NZrmEFWVaQij7tQgDSlsG6H6nBpVbZneQKZMrkJbls="

# Scopes and claims mapping for OIDC

By default, all claims listed in this table are returned in UserInfo. It is also possible to configure "Id Token User Data" for the client (when setting up the security of the OIDC client) so the claims are returned in both the ID token and the UserInfo. The configuration of “Id Token User Data" required to include each claim in the ID token is listed in the right column.

Scope Claim Description Example Id Token User Data configuration for claim to be included in ID token
profile family_name The surname of the end-user. Nordmann Standard Scopes or All
given_name The first name of the end-user. Kari Standard Scopes or All
birthdate The date of birth of the end-user. 1990-02-17 Standard Scopes or All
nin nin The national identity number (“fødselsnummer”) of the end-user. 17029012345 All
nin_type The type of national identity number. Always “BIRTH” for BankID (Norway). BIRTH All
nin_issuing_country The issuing country of the national identity. Always “NO” for BankID (Norway). NO All
nbid-extra nbid_tid BankID’s identifier for the transaction. Used for auditing and tracing purposes. 62c12db4-a6a3-42ad-8ab8-51a87e2a96ce All
nbid_bankid_altsub Personal Identifier (PID / Serial Number) from associated BankID certificate. 9578-6000-4-877 All
nbid_originator Issuer of the end-user certificate. CN=BankID Bankenes ID-tjeneste Bank CA 2, OU=988477052,O=Bankenes ID-tjeneste AS,C=NO;OriginatorId=9775; OriginatorName=Gjensidige Bank RA 1 All
nbid_updated_at Time when the end-user’s information was last updated, measured in seconds since epoch time. 1606394130000 Standard Scopes or All
nbid_additional_cert_info Additional information about the end-user certificate, formatted as a JSON string. {"certValidFrom": 1554448774000, "serialNumber": "1055610", "keyAlgorithm": "RSA", "keySize": "2048", "policyOid": "2.16.578.", "monetaryLimitAmount": "100000", "certQualified": true, "monetaryLimitCurrency": "NOK", "certValidTo": 1617607174000, "versionNumber": "3", "subjectName": "CN=Nordmann\\, Kari,O=TestBank1 AS, C=NO,SERIALNUMBER=9578-6000-4-877"} All
nbid_subject_uuid BankID’s unique identifier for the user. e6418f52-b90d-49ea-a448-a73d39f24ec7 All
nbid_idp This value decides the flow type used during the transaction, either BID (BankID High), BIM (BankID on Mobile), or BIS (BankID Biometric). BID All

See also

For information about how to adjust the BankID flow using acr_values and login_hint, see Select and configure ID method.

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