# Sign agreements and order connections

Before you can start integrating with Signicat's implementation of iDIN in production, you must sign an agreement with Signicat to obtain the needed access. To get access, you must email us at support@signicat.com to request the activation of an iDIN connection. Once the iDIN connections have been created, you can then select it as an ID method and configure the settings in the Signicat Dashboard (see Setup of iDIN).

# Acquirer options

Before you start integration, you must decide which acquirer option you want to set up for iDIN:

  1. Signicat as acquirer: If you don't want to arrange a merchant contract with a Dutch bank, then you can choose Signicat as acquirer. In this case, Signicat will act as a merchant on behalf of you. For more details about this option and how to select it, see Setup > Signicat DISP (Digital Identity Service Provider).
  2. Bank as acquirer: If you already have a merchant contract with a Dutch bank as an acquirer, or if you would like to have your own contract, you can choose this bank to fulfil the acquirer role for your iDIN connection. For more details about this option and how to select it, see the Setup > Custom acquirer section.


The second option (i.e. Bank as acquirer) is slightly more complex and requires more work on your side. You must also follow the steps below to connect to sandbox and production. If you choose the first option, Signicat will assist you with the integration. Most of Signicat's customers choose this option.

# Bank as acquirer

# Connect to sandbox (bank acquirer option)

  1. Go to the portal of your chosen Acquirer.
  2. Contact support@signicat.com to receive your signing certificate.
  3. Log in with the credentials provided by the bank, and go to Merchants > Services.
  4. Upload the signing certificate at the bottom part of the page.
  5. Send the following information to support@signicat.com: Acquirer, MerchantID, Routing Service URL, and ServiceID.

# Connect to production (bank acquirer option)

  1. Follow the same steps as mentioned above to set up the production connection.
  2. You have to enable your iDIN production connection in the portal of your Acquirer. Log in to your Acquirer’s production portal and go to Merchants > Services.
  3. In the Do tests step, click Confirm integration tests. Check all the boxes to finish the process.
Last updated: 10/10/2023 10:56 UTC