# Estonian ID (EstEID)

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If you want to integrate with EstEID, contact us for more information and technical documentation:

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# About EstEID

EstEID is a personal electronic ID, which can be used for secure electronic authentication and signing.

# Authentication example

The following example illustrates a typical login session with an EstEID card. The actual screens may have a different graphical profile in your setup.

  1. The user inserts the EstEID card into the card reader and selects Continue.
  2. The user provides his/her personal PIN code.
  3. The user is authenticated from the certificate on the ID card.
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# Get started with the integration

Integration with EstEID is done similarly to other Signicat's eID methods. This section describes how to get started with setting up EstEID.

For more general information on how to integrate with Signicat, see the Authentication quick start guide.

# Initial preparations

Sandbox account

We recommend you to create a Sandbox account to test our services before implementing them in production.

# Add EstEID

Before you can start integrating in production, you must order the needed certificates and configure EstEID access with an onboarding manager in Signicat. To get help with this, please contact us (opens new window).

Once your profile is configured, you need to add EstEID to the list of supported ID methods:

  • In the Signicat Dashboard, go to Authentication > ID Methods.
  • Click Add new.
  • Choose Estonian ID and click Save.

# Certificates

You can download certificates for both sandbox and production from https://www.skidsolutions.eu/en/repository/certs (opens new window).

# Test information

# Order test card

You can order valid test cards from SK ID solutions (opens new window).

Test cards for all active certificate authorities should be used.

EstEID cards are supported by all major web browsers.

# Install the EstEID client software

You can find and install the EstEID client software from https://www.id.ee/en/article/install-id-software/ (opens new window).

# Register certificate

Before using the test card, you must register the certificates (both auth and sign certificate) in SK’s test infrastructure:

  1. Use the “ID-card utility” application that comes with the client software to save the certificates to disk in PEM format (see Install the EstEID client software).
  2. Open the saved certificates in a text editor and copy the content to the clipboard.
  3. Go to https://demo.sk.ee/upload_cert/ (opens new window).
  4. Paste the certificate into the text area. Make sure the status is set to “Good”.
  5. Press “Upload the certificate”.

# Other sources

# Support

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