About Verimi

Verimi is a European electronic identity scheme which allows end-users to provide reliable proof of their identity to businesses and public authorities in a convenient and secure fashion, including e-government services.

Key features

  • Users can choose which details they want to share with third parties.
  • Verimi may also be used to safely store sensitive digital documentation.

Signicat supports Verimi for identity verification, authentication, and signing.

Integrating with Verimi through Signicat

Web integration with Verimi is done via the same API as Signicat’s other ID methods. See “Get started with authentication“ for more information. Through the single point of integration, one will get access to Signicat’s wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, not only Verimi, but also other services like identity paper verificationlookups, and video assurance.


In Verimi, the user must enter their email address and password to authenticate themselves. Then, they will be asked to authorize the service to access their profile. After this, the merchant will be able to access the personal data that the user has chosen to make available.


Users can control which service providers they have shared their personal information with through their online portal.

How to get started with Verimi

If you want to start using Verimi through Signicat, get in touch with us and our sales team will guide you through the process.

Test information

Signicat’s test environment is available 24×7, and may be used during your development and test phase.

After you are registered as a service provider in the Verimi platform, you will receive a client_id and a client_secret to authenticate your application. For test purposes, you can use the test credentials listed here.