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About Telia E-legitimation

Telia E-legitimation Privat

Telia E-Legitimation Privat contains personal information for private persons, and may be used for secure electronic identification and signing documents on the Internet.

The Telia E-Legitimation may be stored on the end-users computer or on an electronic identity card from Telia. Together with a personal security code the end-user can identify itself on the internet.

Telia issues E-legitimation for people 18 years or older. You will need a Swedish national identification number (personnummer) and need to be a registered resident of Sweden. Telia may also issue E-legitimation to persons aged 13 or older, if the eID is placed on the Skatteverkets card, and the person has a personnummer and can prove their identity.

Telia E-legitimation Förlitandetjänst

The Telia E-legitimation Förlitandetjänst service is addressed to governments, businesses and organizations that wish to use or rely on eIDs already issued. The service offers the opportunity to protect information in an e-service so that it only becomes accessible after a user legitimated itself. The user uses an e-service from a Relying Party to identify themselves or sign a transaction with its E-legitimation.

Relying Party identifies itself against Telia Förlitandetjänst, which controls the eID against Telia’s database and sends a response if it is authentic or blocked.


This is a process description for establishing a new solution with Telia e-Legitimation.

The process describes the interaction between the Customer, the Telia and Signicat Operations when developing and establishing a Web application, using Telia e-Legitimation. The process contains descriptions of all the players tasks.

The process is described using steps, where each step has a natural end state. The descriptions are mainly superior and without technical details.

Signicat may, if the Customer expresses the desire for it, make some of the steps on behalf of the Customer.

Process overview:

  1. Customer signs agreement with Signicat AS
  2. Customer signs agreement with Telia
  3. Customer performs technical implementation and tests solution
  4. Customer orders Förlitandecertifikat for production from Telia
  5. Customer receives and install the Förlitandecertifikat for production

End condition

At least one of the following functions must be available and successful in the Customers web application, using the Signicat services:

  • Secure identification of Internet users, using Telia e-Legitimation
  • Digital signing of documents, using Telia e-Legitimation


1. Customer signs agreement with Signicat AS

The Customer signs an agreement with Signicat AS. This agreement specifies:

  • the SLA between the Customer and Signicat AS
  • the number of ID-methods (authentication, signing, verification, etc)
  • the number of ID-solutions (Telia e-leg, Swedish BankID, etc)
  • the number of graphical profiles the Customer needs
  • etc
2. Customer signs agreement with Telia or wit Signicat about the use of Telia e-Leg

This step takes place between the Customer and the Telia. In the agreement following authorizations must be specified:

  • Who is authorized to order, manage and close the Förlitandecertifikat certificate.
    • The Förlitandecertifikat represents the Customer, and is used to authenticate Internet users and signing of documents in real time.
  • Who is authorized to obtain and install Förlitandecertifikat for production environment.

Signicat has signed a reseller agreement with Telia Sonera, and has become a reseller of Telia e-Leg. If the Customer signs the agreement directly with Signicat, no paperwork regarding this step is required. This may speed up the establishment process considerably. Signicats Förlitandecertifikat will be used instead.

3. Customer performs technical implementation and tests solution

After the agreements are signed, technical implementation of the integration with Id.Signicat is the next step.

The Customer orders a Telia Förlitandecertifikat for test from this site.
Signicat AS may also provide a Telia Förlitandecertifikat for test, and Telia e-Legitimation test certificates for end-users.

4. Customer orders Förlitandecertifikat for production from Telia

The Customer prepares a Certificate Request File (CSR), which may be produces by an Open Source tool like openssl. If you have prepared the CSR, the order process may be completed on this site.

5. Customer receives and install the Förlitandecertifikat for production

Telia produces the Förlitandecertifikat and sends it to the person who is authorized to receive it.

When Signicat Operations receives the Förlitandecertifikat, it will be installed in the certificate archive according to Signicat’s own safety routines for certificate management.

The certificate will be available in the Customers configuration on It will be used to authorize incoming transactions only from the Customers Web application, or a predefined white list of accepted sites which is specified by the customer.

Test information

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the preproduction environment,

Test Certificates

All test certificates are file based. Card based certificates may be available if ordered directly from Telia.

Installation of Net-ID and test certificates

Certificates must be downloaded and installed directly into the Telia client “Net iD”.

  1. Install Net iD (external link)
  2. Navigate with Microsoft Internet Explorer to the URLs given below
  3. Set a password for the certificate on the text field on the top of the page
  4. Click the button “Importera”
  5. You should get a confirmation that the certificate is installed.

URLs for downloading test certificates (external link)

Test your Telia E-leg

Select this link to test your Telia E-leg: (external link)

Browser/platform support


  • Internet explorer 6.0 or higher
  • Firefox 2.0 or higher

Telia support:

Telia support


Bank Support tel. Support Support e-mail Website homepage
Phone (from Sweden): 020-32 32 62
Phone (international): +46-771-32 32 62

Other sources

  • Telia e-legitimation for private persons, click here.
  • Telia e-legitimation for governments, businesses and organizations, click here.