MobileID InApp

About MobileID InApp

Signicat MobileID InApp offers a simple way to implement and use two-factor authentication on mobile devices. The solution provides an API which allows merchants to implement strong customer authentication in their existing mobile apps.

Key features

  • Supports both PIN and fingerprint (Touch ID, Android fingerprint, Samsung fingerprint)
  • Relies on Encap for app security (supports both Android and iOS). Encap is a well established and trusted provider of mobile security solutions.
  • Part of SignicatID. Combine MobileID with other factors as you like.
  • Signing of documents with MobileID is available through Signicat’s signing functionality.

Integration guide

Download the latest versions of our MobileID InApp integration guides in PDF format, including sequence diagrams for both registration and authentication operations:

Title Title Version Date
MobileID InApp: Mobile integration guide MobileID InApp – Mobile integration guide v0.4 V0.4 19.02.2020
MobileID InApp: Web integration guide to be added


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