About Danish MitID

MitID is a new identity provider for digital personal identities. It is a collaboration between the Danish banks and the Danish public sector. This alliance forms a countrywide solution and provides a secure login mechanism for all citizens in Denmark. People in Denmark can use MitID for online banking, Digital Post, communication with public authorities, identifying themselves in other digital services and more.

MitID is the next generation of the Danish digital identity infrastructure and will replace NemID by mid 2021. There will be a transition period, where people can use both methods. The plan is to phase out NemID at the beginning of 2022.

MitID offers the same functionality as NemID with additional ease of use, flexibility and safer authentication of Danish citizens and businesses. The main differences are both within the underlying technology and by improved user experience.

One major change from NemID is that all services using MitID for identity verification (authentication or digital signing) must access the MitID infrastructure through a MitID certified broker.

Development process

As of January 2020, Signicat has started developing integration with the MitID identity infrastructure. Signicat will continuously add content to this area on reflecting the status of the integration.

To keep updated on the development progress, you can sign up for the latest news by sending an e-mail to

Key features

  • A common, national identity and authentication solution
  • Public actors, financial institutions and other private service providers can communicate with the identity core through identity brokers
  • The MitID broker role requires a certification, and brokers can provide their own client solutions for end-user authentication
  • Replaces the NemID code card with smartphone-based, password-based and physical authentication factors
  • Supports all three Level of Assurance (LoA) from eIDAS – Low, Substantial and High. With this, the missing “one-factor” login in NemID is possible with MitID
  • Use on many platforms like web, desktop, mobile devices
  • Single sign-on possible between services that use MitID
  • Use together with Signicat’s MobileID InApp or a standalone MobileID App to build your own eID
  • Integrate with Signicat Sign to create advanced electronic signatures

Integrating with MitID through Signicat

Integration with MitID will be done via the same API as Signicat’s other ID methods. See Get started with authentication for more information. Through the single point of integration, you can additionally get access to Signicat’s wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, and also other services like signing, identity paper verification, lookups, and video assurance.

External sources

Information to the public about MitID on the Digitaliseringssyrelsen website (in Danish)