About IDnow

IDnow is a solution for digital identification and digital signature based in Germany. This solution allows users to talk to a live operator who will check their ID document, ask a few questions, make sure the person is who they claim to be, and generate a document based on that interaction.

Key features

  • No additional hardware required for end-users.
  • Flexible verification workflow.
  • Requests are processed in real time.

Signicat supports IDnow’s VideoIdent service, including eSign. With VideoIdent, you can identify your customers using agent-assisted video chat and, if necessary, have them sign a document during the process. eSign uses a Qualified Electronic Signature (QES), which has the same legal validity as a traditional handwritten signature on paper.

Integrating with IDnow through Signicat

Web integration with IDnow is done via the same API as Signicat Signature. See “Get started with signing“ for more information.

Most of the configuration is quite similar but there are a few items that are specific to the IDnow integration. The IDnow integration includes several attributes which can be prefilled, such as first name, last name, birthday, and mobile phone. Some tasks are also included in the integration: a redirect task, a sign task, and a webhook task.

VideoIdent + eSign process

This is a general outline of what the authentication and signature process looks like from the perspective of the end-user.

  1. The user receives information from the merchant about the document that they have to sign, and is redirected to IDnow.
  2. The user checks the documents to be signed.
  3. The user can choose between using a smartphone/ tablet or a computer with a webcam to identify themselves.
  4. The user is connected to an identification expert who will take a picture of them and of their ID document.
  5. During this session, the identification expert will perform liveness checks and ensure that the picture in the ID document matches the picture of the person using it.
  6. The user signs the document and the session ends.

Additionally, another expert checks all the data again before the information about the final result is sent to the merchant.

The final result of an IDnow eSign process is presented in ZIP format by default and includes the following attachments:

  • PDF summary
  • JSON/XML data object
  • Images of the user
  • Images of the ID document
  • Audio recording of the interaction

You can also receive the identification data in JSON format. This data can be posted to your server as a webhook.

You can read more about IDnow at