Freja eID

About Freja eID

Freja eID is an electronic identity created by Verisec AB, a Swedish IT security company.

Key features

  • Supports PIN and fingerprint on both iOS and Android devices
  • Supports signing in the Freja eID app
  • Allows users to monitor their digital activities on
  • Supports multiple identities per user

At the core of the Freja eID solution is the Freja eID app, which is available for iOS and Android. The app supports both authentication and signing and can be used for two different levels of assurance, both of which are supported by Signicat:

Freja eID basic

  • Level of assurance: 1 (no eIDAS assurance)
  • Registration is done through the user’s email address
  • Authentication is done through the user’s email address and a PIN or fingerprint
  • The result contains only the email address

Freja eID+

  • Level of assurance: 3 (eIDAS substantial/high)
  • After registering for the basic level, the user must register some additional details and visit one of Freja’s agents in person to verify their identity
  • Authentication is done by providing the user’s national identification number and a PIN or fingerprint
  • The result contains the national identification number and, optionally, the user’s name

Read more about Freja eID on the following website:

Integrating with Freja eID through Signicat

Web integration with Freja eID is done via the same API as Signicat’s other ID methods. See “Get started with authentication“ for more information. Through the single point of integration, one will get access to Signicat’s wide portfolio of integrated ID methods, not only Freja eID, but also other services like identity paper verificationlookups, and video assurance.


The user downloads the app and completes the registration on their own. The process is described on this page of the Freja eID website.


Authentication is done by inputting an email or national identification number. A push notification is then sent to the user’s device. The user clicks on the notification, which makes the Freja eID app open.

Logging in with Freja eID basic

Logging in with Freja eID+








The user will then need to confirm that they want to log in to the service (in the example below, Signicat is the service).

Upon confirmation, the user will be queried for their PIN or fingerprint.

How to get started with Freja eID

To get started with Freja eID you have to provide the following information to Signicat:

  • A logo suitable to represent your organization in the mobile application. Format: AI (Adobe Illustrator Artwork), EPS (Encapsulated PostScript) or editable PDF (Portable Document Format). The preferred format is AI (filename extension is .ai).
  • The name of your organization (max. 20 characters).
  • A description of your organization (max. 75 characters).
  • URL to your organization’s website (max. 100 characters).

This information will be displayed both on the app and on Mina Sidor.

Test information

Signicat’s test environment is available 24×7, and may be used during your development and test phase.

To test Freja eID in pre-production, you need to download an enterprise app (iOS | Android) and activate the test mode in this app.

Activating the test mode in the Freja eID app

  1. Slide through the onboarding screens or tap “Start” to access the last welcome screen. Then tap “Activate Freja eID”.
  2. When you get to the screen where the app prompts you to accept the General terms and conditions and the Privacy policy, toggle the “General terms and conditions” button six times to enter the test mode.
  3. On the next screen, tap “Start test mode” to confirm that you want to use the app in test mode.

Test mode is activated automatically on Android. On iOS, you need to exit the application and launch it again (a pop-up will prompt you to do this).

When you are in test mode, the header of the app will be orange instead of blue. The app stays in test mode until you delete it from the device.

You can register to use Freja eID basic or Freja eID plus like a typical user would. At the point at which vetting should occur, you can carry out the vetting process yourself in the following URL: From there, you can also delete a user if you want to test the registration flow more than once. Once the account is deleted, you need to reinstall the app before using it again.

If you need to verify that the app is working correctly in test mode, initiate a login on the Freja eID My Pages (Mina Sidor) web app and confirm it on the mobile app. If you can successfully log in to My Pages, the app is configured correctly.

Frequently asked questions

Question Answer
Can Signicat do ID switching with Freja eID authentication? No. Signicat does not support this, though it is possible to use the identification service provided by Freja eID.
Does it support SAML2 and OIDC? Yes.
Why is the national identification number accepted in other formats than the one described in the input placeholder? Because Signicat wants to provide the same level of user-friendly behavior as in the Swedish BankID plugin. People in Sweden are used to writing their national identification number in various formats, and Signicat supports a good variety of these. Signicat converts them to a standard format before passing them along from the UI, as Freja eID only accepts one specific format.
Is it possible to use various national identification number formats for signing orders? No. Only the standard format YYYYMMDDXXXX is supported in signing orders. This is because of how the signing process verifies that the correct person signs the documents. The end user will still be able to input the national identification number in his favorite format, but the signing order needs to contain the national identification number in the standard format.