Finnish Mobiilivarmenne

About Finnish Mobiilivarmenne

Mobiilivarmenne is a PKI-based authentication method run by Finnish mobile operators DNA, Elisa and Telia. Mobiilivarmenne is based on certificates which are located on the users’ SIM cards.

In order to use Mobiilivarmenne, one has to have a SIM card and an activated subscription from one of the operators. Given these requirements, one can use a mobile device such as a smartphone or feature phone as an authentication method for different services. Currently, only the authentication PIN code is used, although the operators have development projects for activating signature PIN codes. In all Signicat services, the authentication PIN codes are used.

In the production environment, all Mobiilivarmenne accounts roam between the operators. This means that a service provider can establish one agreement with one of the operators to provide the service for all end users.


Mobiilivarmenne is established as part of the FTN (Finnish Trust Network). Customers that sign up for FTN with Signicat will get all eIDs from the Finnish banks and Mobiilivarmenne through one agreement.

Typical login and authentication screenshots

Login session

There are several ways to implement the Mobiilivarmenne authentication option. These screenshots are from a phone with a Telia SIM.

The first step is to fill in the mobile phone number which has been linked to a SIM card with an active Mobiilivarmenne subscription from one of the three operators. In most cases, only the phone number is needed, but it is possible to ask the network to add a spam prevention code if unsolicited requests are an issue.

After the user has filled in the correct details and clicked “Continue”, a reference code is displayed. This is a string consisting of four letters. The reference code is sent to the phone as well.

The phone will display the reference code and the name of the mobile operator. In this example, Telia is used. The service provider can vary based on the scenario; here, Signicat is used.

The user taps “OK” to confirm that the strings displayed on the phone and in the browser match. The phone then displays a screen requiring the user to input a four to eight digit PIN for authentication.

After tapping “OK”, no further user input is required.


Mobiilivarmenne support

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