Finnish Electronic Identity (FINeID)

About Electronic Identity (FINeID)

FINeID stands for FINnish electronic IDentity. FINeID refers to electronic identification of individuals using digital certificates — these are issued by the Population Register Centre in Finland.

Together with the local register offices, the Population Register Centre is the data controller for the Finnish Population Information System. The PRC maintains and develops the Population Information System, its data and data quality as well as certified electronic services. The PRC offers Population Information System information services and certificate services, and performs duties related to elections.

When it comes to FINeID, The PRC provides certificates for citizens, organisations and the health care sector. The citizen certificate on the ID card issued by the police is the best-known certificate provided, but other certificate products produced by the PRC include special smart cards, server and e-mail certificates for organisations and for the health care sector. They also issue biometric signature certificates for travel documents, such as passports.

The PRC’s certificate authority (CA) services are based on special legislation. The Act on the Population Information System and Certificate Services Provided by the Population Register Centre (661/2009) and the Act on Strong Electronic Identification and Electronic Signatures (617/2009) form the legislative basis for the certificate policy.

Certificate policies contain descriptions of the PRC’s policies and operating principles for issuing certificates.

Acquiring a certificate

The Population Register Centre issues certificates for different uses.

Citizen certificate

The ID card is an identification document issued by the police with a citizen certificate issued by the Population Register Centre on a chip. Citizen certificates are issued to Finnish citizens and permanent residents of Finland who have been entered in the Population Information System and whose identity can be reliably verified. ID card applications are submitted to the police.

Organisation certificate

Organisation certificates and organisation cards can be ordered from the Population Register Centre’s certificate sales service at the address varmennemyynti (at)

Server certificate for organisations


At last inquiry, a server certificate cost €250.00 per year (excl. VAT). The price is annual and invoiced when the certificate is created.


Server certificates can be valid for one (1) year or two (2) years from the issue date.

Delivery time

The delivery time of server certificates is up to five (5) workdays from the arrival of the application form and the necessary attachments at the Population Register Centre. The issued server certificate is delivered to the applicant or the applicant’s IT contact person by e-mail in DER and PEM formats.


  • Server certificate
  • Test server certificate
  • System signature certificate.

Revocation of a server certificate

If it is known or suspected that a certificate holder’s private key has been exposed, the server certificate must be revoked. A certificate must also be revoked if it becomes unnecessary or its purpose changes. Revoked certificates cannot be restored.

Authentication screenshots

The Population Register Centre’s test service may be used with all certificates issued by the Population Register Centre (FINEID). Prior to testing the certificates, a card reader and card reader software (e.g. mPollux Digisign Client or similar) need to be installed in the workstation — software and more information can be found on’s card reader page here. When the method is run, the first screen will look something like this:

When the user clicks continue, the card reader will scan the card for FINeID certificates.

If the card is read correctly, the screen above pops up with information about the certificate stored inside. Click OK to confirm this.


Finally, the screen above will ask for the PIN-code associated with the card.

Test information

Test card

Test cards are suitable for testing various technical functions in conjunction with certificate commissioning or system development projects. Test cards are used for testing card readers, logging into various information systems and creating electronic signatures.

The personal data on test card certificates is false. The data content of the card’s certificates is structurally the same as the data content of the organisation certificate. Test cards are available with the data content structures of organisation certificates and citizen certificates.

Test cards and further information can be acquired by contacting FINeID’s certificate sales. When ordering, you need to provide the following information:

  • Amount of cards
  • Profile type (citizen, organization or healthcare)
  • Delivery address
  • Invoice address

At last inquiry, test cards cost €50 per card. Contact FINeID certificate sales for confirmation.

FINeID support

The help service provides support for the most common issues with the use and commissioning of certificates, such as using and changing PIN codes and releasing locked PIN codes.
Calling the number below will transfer the call to Public Service Info. Questions can also be submitted online.

Tel. +358 600 9 6160 (local network charge/mobile phone charge)

Monday–Friday at 8 am–9 pm
Saturdays at 9 am–3 pm.
Closed on Sundays and midweek holidays.
Service in Finnish and Swedish.

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