Estonian ID (EstEID)

About Estonian ID (EstEID)

EstEID is a personal electronic ID, which can be used for secure electronic identification and signature.


Certificates for both test and prod can be downloaded from

Certificate hierarchies:


Testing your production certificates

When you have your own configuration on Id.Signicat, you may test your merchant certificate for production. The test must be carried out by authenticating real users, or signing documents on your configuration for production.


This page contains screenshots of a typical login session and signature session. The actual screens may have a different graphical profile in your setup.

Login session with EstEID

The pictures below illustrates the login/authentication process with EstEID card.

Insert ID-card to card reader and press “Continue”

The user provides his/her personal PIN-code (Pincode 1)

Authenticating the user from the certificate on ID-card.

Signature session with EstEID

The pictures below illustrates the signature process with EstEID.

The first picture gives the user instructions about the signature process.

The user should read the content of the document.

After pressing “sign”, the user have to insert the ID-card to the card reader.

User confirms and approve the content.

The user enters his PIN code. The users smart card must be present in the card reader. The user must press “Bekreft” (Confirm) to sign the document.

The signing is completed.

Test information

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the test environment,

Test Certificates

Test cards can be ordered from

There are two different ID-card testing certificates – issued 2007 – 2011 (valid to 2016) and issued since 2011 (valid to 2019). If you have no preference, go for the 2011- version.

PIN codes can be found at


Before using the test card, the certificates (both auth and sign certificate) must be registered in SK’s test infrastructure:

  1. Use the “ID-card utility” application that comes with the client software to save the certificates to disk in Base-64 encoded X.509(.CER) format.
  2. Open the saved certificates in a text editor and copy the content to the clipboard.
  3. Go to
  4. Paste the certificate into the text area. Make sure the status is set to “Good”.
  5. Press “Upload the certificate”.

A more detailed card user manual is available here:

Browser/platform support

EstEID cards is supported by all major web browsers.

Estonian ID support

Bank Support tel. Support Support e-mail Website homepage
AS Sertifitseerimiskeskus +372 610 1880 general issues: info[A]
technical support: abi[A]
technical support for contractual customers: support[A]
sales and marketing: sales[A]

Other sources

Read more about EstEID at