About DigiD

DigiD consist of a username and a password, and optionally an additional verification step via SMS. Another alternative is the DigiD mobile app, also supported by Signicat.

The DigiD scheme is managed by Logius:

Logius is the digital government service of the Netherlands Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations (BZK). It maintains government-wide ICT solutions and common standards, that simplify the communication between authorities, citizens and businesses, with a view to cohesion of the e-government networks. Logius supplies products relating to access, data exchange, standardization and information security.

Hence, the following types of organisations are eligible to use DigiD:

  • The organisation is a public organisation or a private organisation which is legally authorized to handle a public task.
  • The organisation is allowed – on a legal basis – to use the BSN for this public task.
  • The task for which DigiD is used is a public one.

Access to the scheme is controlled by means of the PKIoverheid-certificate regime, which is described in more detail in the PKIoverheid section on the Logius website.

There are two levels of authentication strength available in DigiD: Basic or Middle. The Basic authentication is username and password, and the Middle authentication adds a second factor in the form of SMS OTP. The user can choose which level to use when logging in, although a service provider might choose to require the Middle level if it is deemed necessary.

For more information about what is required in order for a user to obtain DigiD credentials etc, please refer to Functionele_Beschrijving_DigiD.pdf.


The establishment of DigiD consists of the:

  • Approval process
  • Certificates from PKIoverheid


PKIoverheid certificate is needed to use DigiD.

Graphical customization

No graphical customization is needed.


Test information

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the preproduction environment, preprod.signicat.com.

The following credentials may be used when testing DigiD:

900117448 DigiDuser001 DigiD4Signicat!