About Commfides

Commfides e-ID is a Norwegian electronic identity solution for persons and organizations. Commfides e-ID is based on Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) technology. Read about Commfides on Commfides own web-side (in Norwegian).

Certificate types

Commfides e-ID Enterprise certificate

This is a certificate of authority operating on behalf of the business and not as an individual.

Commfides Enterprise certificates can only identify the company, and not the person (with power of attorney) who has used the certificate.

Id.signicat provides the functionality of explicitly specify which certificate policies that can be used for identification or signing, and such prevent the use of Enterprise certificates in a merchant where there is a requirement of secure identification of a person.

Commfides e-ID Standard Soft

Commfides e-ID Standard Soft is a software-based certificate that is validated in according to scheduled routines. Commfides e-ID Soft is not a qualified certificate according to the requirements of Post- og teletilsynet, but can be used for adequate security in accordance with scheduled procedures. Commfides Standard Soft e-ID is used for signing, authentication and encryption.

Commfides e-ID High

Commfides e High ID is validated according to the highest level of security. Commfides e High ID is stored on smart cards. Commfides e-ID consists of a signing certificate, an authentication certificate and a encryption certificate.

Commfides e-ID Standard

Commfides e-ID Standard is validated in accordance with public approved procedures. Commfides e-ID Standard is stored on smart cards. Commfides e-ID Standardconsists of a signing certificate, a authentication certificate and an encryption certificate.


Commfides Validation Service OCSP

Commfides OCSP Validation Service is a service that allows an authorized merchant to perform lookups against Commfides systems to obtain an exact status of each certificate with respect to validity (valid / expired / revoked).

Commfides Unid-service

Commfides Unid-service is a service that makes it possible for an authorized merchant to retrieve national identification numbers to identify a certificate user. National identification numbers are extradited only if the merchant, through agreement, is entitled to receive personal identity.

Test information

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the test environment,

Test certificates must be ordered directly from Commfides.