Buypass ID

About Buypass ID

Buypass ID is a personal electronic ID  which can be used for secure electronic identification, signature, and payment. Buypass ID can be stored on a Buypass smart card or on a mobile phone.

Buypass personal ID can be used both for private services at Buypass user locations, and as a personal ID in a business solution.

In the latter solution you can combine both local certificates (issued by the company itself), to serve the internal needs of the local logon, and qualified certificates (issued by Buypass) on a single smart card.

With Buypass ID you can log on to websites, sign contracts electronically, and pay in a simple and user-friendly way with a method that fulfills the market’s highest level of security requirements.

How to get started with Buypass ID

Signicat may, if agreed, carry out some of the steps on behalf of the customer.

Process overview:

  1. Customer signs agreement with Signicat AS
  2. Customer signs agreement with Buypass
  3. Customer orders Buypass Merchant certificate for test
  4. Signicat installs Buypass Merchant certificate for test
  5. Customer/Buypass performs Buypass acceptance test.
  6. Customer orders Buypass Merchant certificate for production
  7. Signicat installs Buypass Merchant certificate for production
  8. Customer performs the acceptance test of the web application


Buypass issues three types of certificates:

  • Buypass Smartkort (Smart card)
  • Buypass Qualified ID
  • Mobile ID

Smart card (Smartkort)

Buypass Smartkort is a collective term for several types of cards. Common to all of the cards is that they have a chip and a Buypass logo embossed on them.

More than 2 million Norwegians are now in possession of a Buypass smart card with a personal electronic ID.

Qualified ID

Buypass is registered at the Post and Telecommunications Authority as an issuer of qualified certificates in accordance with the Law on e-signature. Buypass qualified certificates are in accordance with Seid – Preferred Certificate Profiles for personal certificates and business certificates, version 1.02 of 03.02.2005.

Buypass qualified certificates are called Buypass Class 3 Certificates.

Mobile ID

Buypass have created a solution that allows you to play on mobile. The solution works on all mobile phones that support Java.

All that is required is that you download a small application to your mobile phone. The application is free and includes both Buypass ID and a game application from the Norwegian Tipping. The registration and ordering process is done via the Internet, and is implemented in a short time.

Test information

Signicat offers 24/7/365 free access to the preproduction environment,

Test Certificates

Test Certificates are issued by Buypass. You may contact Buypass support at +47 6113 5920, or


The certificates are plastic cards. You will need a card and a card reader. Necessary software is made available during test.

Test smart card


Testing your production certificates

When you have your own configuration on Id.Signicat, you may test your merchant certificate for production. The test must be carried out by authenticating real users, or signing documents on your configuration for production.


This section contains screenshots of a typical login session and signature session with IPS 7.0 server. The actual screens may have a different graphical profile in your setup.

  • Login session and signature session with IPS 7.0.

Login session with IPS 7.0

Provide personal PIN-code

The pictures below illustrates the login/authentication process with Buypass Smartkort on IPS Server 7.0. The user provides his/her personal PIN-code. The Buypass applet may be presented in full screen view, or in an IFrame in the browser.

Signature session with IPS 7.0

Read and sign the document

The pictures below illustrates the signature process with Buypass Smartkort on IPS Server 7.0.

The user should read the content of the document. The user may have to open the document in a separate PDF viewer if the document is not plain text. The user must click “Ja, jeg bekrefter å ha lest og forstÃ¥tt hele dokumentet” and then click “Fortsett” (Continue).

Provide personal PIN-code

The user enters his PIN code. The users smart card must be present in the card reader. The user must press “Bekreft” (Confirm) to sign the document.

Other sources

Read more about Buypass Electronic ID on (in Norwegian).